We provide Independent advisory services for design & construction, from the operator’s perspective. This is done to ensure that all progress being made is applicable and practical. We are committed to ensure that all Hotel and Food and Beverage operations will be smooth, efficient and profitable after a careful analysis of the critical competitive factors that affect the conceptualization, the feasibility, the hotel design and its construction project.

Specialized services:


We define a business concept composed of products, services, and experiences found within the hotel. We identify key business units that are imperative to the hotel’s successful development. We provide the vision necessary to capitalize on business opportunities.


We estimate the potential (revenues, costs and investments) of the hotel to make sure that the vision is realistic, fundable and socio-economically sustainable. We provide a business plan, an analysis of cost and efficiency in investment, as well as a study of the company positioning and feasibility within the market.


We assist in the design and construction project stage by ensuring that the proposed components are well dimensioned, functional and operationally viable. We bring in our experience in operations to ensure that the design will be in accordance with international standards and perfectly aligned with the concept defined.


We cover the supervision of suppliers during construction, this guarantees the proper execution of work. Our goal is to precisely indicate how to achieve the best hotel with the most efficient investment possible ensuring the guest’s experience, service quality, and comfort of their stay.


We are the hospitality partner that will help getting the hotel and F&B operating in a safe and efficient way. We are committed to providing aid every step of the way while focusing on increasing business profitability We assist in the strategic and operational planning and execution of daily and long-term activities. Efficiency is measured by our operation plans which include SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures) that involve all aspects of the operations supported by tailor-made training plans and clear career paths for all team members.

Specialized services:


We assist in the preparation for the opening of the new hotel by setting the standards and procedures for all departments, recruiting key human resources positions, performing training plans, elaborating the list of necessary supplies, advising on the selection of suppliers and service providers, implementation of property management system. We will also assist in the preparation of the pre-opening budget and the forecasting for the first months.


We can manage the operational departments from Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service, Kitchen to Spa among the most relevant departments. We provide skilled profiles with international experience to manage key departments whilst incorporating local employees to be trained and offer them a career path within the hotel.


We provide insights and operational expertise to assist the hotel’s management team on their decisions to improve the daily operations and ensure the long-term success of the hotel. We provide management support in critical areas to be improved and we assist in the implementation of standards, procedures, registries and reporting models.


We support hospitality professionals (from directors and heads of department, to front office, back office, housekeeping, F&B service, kitchen or spa staff) in order to improve hotel performance and obtain better results. We handle the training of personnel in systematic and professional way. Whether we are training staff or management, we focus on both theoretical and practical situations.

Specialized services:


We help to define the job descriptions for all positions within all hotel departments and provide support during the recruitment process. We can perform part of the filtering/interviews in order to ensure prospective candidates have the right skills for the right positions.


We create the welcoming plan for new team members and prepare them for their new roles. This will help in the integration of the team members in the hotel and will ensure a comprehensive knowledge of all the organization know-how. As a result of this process, short-term turnover is reduced and a feeling of belonging is achieved.


We assist hotel management to ensure that team members have the skills to operate the hotel with the appropriate standards. We design training plans need and organize the necessary training sessions to achieve smooth hotel operations covering standards, procedures, registries and reporting models.


We design the career paths of the different departments in the hotel to provide incentives for team members to perform. We evaluate their performances based on objective as well as subjective measures with methodologies broadly used in the sector. We coordinate the performance appraisals with the training plan to achieve the desired outcome.


We mentor senior management on how to delegate, motivate and coordinate between departments to create and implement strategic work plans. This is done by addressing important factors to develop deep understanding and effective leadership skills. The goal is to have these skills manifest into efficient operations and higher sales.


We are ready to assist in the improvement and growth of any hotel business. This includes elaboration of business strategy and operational plan, as well as an analysis of process redesign. Our know-how in hospitality paired with our experience in tourism allows us to identify potential growth elements that are relevant to the business itself, but also the destination potential, and worldwide tourism trends.

Specialized services:


We carry out onsite inspections of all hotel facilities and oversee how the management performs on a daily basis, checking for aspects that could be improved either on the standards, procedures or registries. We detect weak points and or missing skills in the hotel management and propose solutions for each and every one of them.


We evaluate guest touch points in order to assess the quality of guest experience throughout the hotel from before the check-in to after the check-out. We review all the services and departments to identify strengths and improving weaknesses in terms of guest service, state of facilities, product quality and others. This serves as a method to improve guest satisfaction as well as increase profitability.


We focus on efficiency in order to reduce costs, achieve better guest satisfaction, and reduce risk. We analyse hotel operation policies and procedures, as well as different areas within operations, maintenance, purchasing, guest service, etc. We also formulate plans and prepare trainings focused on improving standards and efficiency. Our goal is to reduce costs, achieve greater guest satisfaction, and reduce inefficiencies.


We help to find the right identity for the hotel to ensure it is distinctive and stands out from its competitors and be more profitable. We accompany during the process for re-branding an existing hotel to adopt a recognized an international brand or we assist in the creation of a new brand for the hotel.