Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities


We design and manage memorable outdoor activities all over the world. Our company, PGI, offers a wide range of products and services for all possible conditions in different natural environments, societies and cultures. Our assistance continues throughout the entire implementation process and our business model consists of a year-round offer, which includes both summer and winter activities. The process beings with market research to best identify the target market’s preferences, and analyse the evolution of experiential tourism in the relevant sector.

We also create a survey that focuses on where activities should be placed, as well as new locations suitable for expansion. We then design the best products depending upon the strengths of your location as well as the needs and wants of the target. Once, these studies are complete we then perform an economic assessment of the project in order to measure its feasibility. Once the feasibility report is complete, we then assist during the construction phase by creating a PMO (Project Management Office).

Specialized services:


We identify opportunities and business risks. We conduct on-site inspections to identify and prioritize the activities that will potentially be offered in each destination. First, we conduct a profound analysis of your destination in order to discover the site potential. We study the orography and geology of the area, as well as natural assets and risks, access, services, and power supplies available. We take the location’s history and visitors into account.
We then use our PGI technical staff as well as reputed experts to gather and compile information in order to create several outdoor activity models. We then gauge the feasibility of the development of the outdoor activities and analyse them from a technical point of view to ensure project plans are safe, realistic, and cost effective.


As outdoor activity specialist we design, conceptualize and develop projects for Outdoor activity centres. We use internationally recognized methodologies to conceptualize the key factors of the business model. According to the strategy defined, we identify target publics and create an appropriate portfolio of memorable outdoor activities and products (description, objective, location, duration, risks). We establish communication channels, define key activities, (price proposal & prioritization of activities for implementation) and their implementation (required infrastructure, necessary materials, personnel and maintenance required, etc.). All work is conducted with international safety standards in mind, as well as respect and care for the natural environment.


We help clients correctly implement their activities. This includes defining technical requirements, identifying and evaluating suppliers, and supervising the work of these suppliers to guarantee the elaboration of high quality products. The main objective is to centralize and coordinate the management of Outdoor Activity projects, offer strategic support to senior management and coordinate between all agents involved in the project.

Construction is critical, it is a phase that depends on many people which increases the likelihood of setbacks. These setbacks can have significant effects including, deviations from the budget, overspending, delays, or a myriad of other unexpected problems that stem from poor execution.

We consult our clients by defining technical requirements, identifying and evaluating suppliers and by serving as construction managers that deal directly with subcontractors. The main objective is to centralize and coordinate the management of Outdoor Activity projects, offer strategic support to senior management and coordinate between all agents involved in the project.


We are outdoor activity Operations & Management experts for both the winter and summer seasons. Within this practice we include the necessary services to manage and operate outdoor activities successfully. We offer thorough services that cover all aspects of resort maintenance, marketing, sales, and business development. Administrational and managerial support are also provided.  We also provide training services for local operators.

We instruct them on all the key aspects necessary to professionally manage activities. These aspects include: equipment maintenance, team organisation, safety, customer care, etc. After our onsite training, local staff will be able to fully operate its outdoor activities while also avoiding usual problems and risks associated with outdoor activities. Our objective is to provide our customers with outdoor activities that grant them safe and unforgettable experiences.

Specialized services:


We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the operation of outdoor activities. Our team, experts in both winter and summer activities, know how to direct your activity centre, train your local staff in operational tasks, as well as control maintenance, safety, customer service, sales & marketing, etc. We also provide the option of being fully in charge of managing your activity centre. We do this by assigning our best professionals in each area, so that the operation of your centre is successful from day one.

We assign a specialized team to manage outdoor business and activities, that range from daily maintenance to operational management. We cover many aspects including specific support details to the complete outsourcing of services.


It is important to keep in mind that training is a crucial part of the customer experience. A client’s first impression usually depends on the service provided by staff. This is why training staffers and teaching them how to communicate with a client. In today’s age people’s internet posts and or reviews on social media, can make or break a business which is why we devised a training strategy that teaches staff how to prevent and or handle a potentially negative situation.

We ensure international standards are met by training local staff to operate outdoor activities safely and appropriately. This includes training in areas such as customer service, treatment of equipment of materials, maintenance, rescue, etc.

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We analyse and audit all outdoor activities. We identify potential improvements, from the client’s vantage point, to convert an activity into a tourist experience. Once this occurs, we then certify the experience through a proprietary methodology that has been tested and proven to work within the market.